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Crazy sex tips strong and durable

If you are a man who is insecure because of lackluster premature ejaculation when having sex (intercourse) with your partner, so follow the instructions of grandfather sontoloyo this wacky. But if you follow this advice then you are just wacky crazy sex with the writing of this article.
Intercourse in a single moment is unsatisfactory especially our spouse has not reached the 'orgasm 100' well ... if in prolonged leave will be a big problem in your relationship with your partner.

Here are tips from the grandfather sontoloyo:

Before you have sex, take a bath so you feel fresh.
Warm up and do not hurry - hurry, usually a man who pengin entered directly.
Consider every inch of your partner's body and parts and enjoy.
If your partner's face below the national standard, then Cover with plastic bag or a poster and the other luna.
In doing sex with many variations, if necessary you can play movies porn movies porn you see naked photos of the artist or the girls naked which circulated widely on the Internet. but remember this is just her inspiration only.
Or movies - foreign movies like maria or more often known as miyabi are now many in the rush of his fans.
When you penetrate or your bird out of the vaginal opening your partner, so always keep a constant speed, maybe just 20 km / hour.
While bird / your penis out and ongoing try 'mind' you imagine how much debt should be paid tomorrow, imagine your in-laws who keep whining because debt collectors are often in coming because of your behavior.
After you'd had enough and at the end of the show session should concentrate your mind back to the wife / partner you had.
When seconds - seconds that determines to discharge enjoyment ... do not forget to shout. DJI sam ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... soe ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. Ruso ... ... ... ... .. Ruso ... ... ...

Here are tips were crazy in love sontoloyo style, if you copy the same you crazy with him.
ha, ha enjoy this article so crazy style sex tips sontoloyo grandfather .... you've got another crazy sex tips, please just enjoy it and, to share with us here
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